Established in 2020, we are a BMX-inspired clothings and accessories brand that also offers VIP custom bike builds. Our mission is to add our take on creativity inspired by the BMX lifestyle in urban communities and on BMX race circuits through our custom bike builds and clothing. Jose 'Sway' has been riding BMX since childhood through his high school years. He was always passionate about the culture, he never let it go. Working in the music industry as a music producer with a background in marketing, he has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest musical acts, management, and marketing companies. After building good relationships, Sway decided to switch gears in 2019 and follow his passion for bikes and adding it to his love for fashion.

"We represent a BMX family bigger than your ego."

This culture is way bigger than any individual; this is family. THE CORE OF BMX WAS FAMILY-ROOTED, so we wanted to continue that through the clothing brand. Family is number one for us, so that's one part of why we chose "One" in "Onespeed". The other reason is that when people work, it's all about one's pace. Some are faster, but it doesn't mean that you're not working hard. Everyone has their own pace, their "Onespeed". Stay consistent, stay dedicated, and find your "Onespeed". That is what you will need to get to your end goal! We are serving everyone out there. No limitations. We are offering something bigger than us; another chapter to add to the story of fashion with the raw competitive nature and a change in the narrative.